Come watch the battle for the 1200lb squat!

Updated 3/1/2011


Chuck Vogelpohl Rob Luyando
Henry Thomason Cory Akers
Yevgen Yarymbash Jerad Skinner
Al Caslow Marc Tejero
Angelo Berardinelli Chris Smith
Nate Strong Mike Wolfe
Brandon Matney Vinney Cook
Pat Hakola Jeff Johnston
Jerry O Andrey Paley
Aleks Podshibyakin Yan Salaks
Andrey Sizov Mikhai Kulikov l
Nikolay Anurev Rufat Aghaev
Bakhtiyar Guliyev Ibrahim Ibrahimov
Svetlana Sinacheva Andrey Yaremus
Evgeniy Nechaev Nikola Anuryev
Iliya Koroverv Sergey Didovik
Sergey Oleolenko


Darlene Doddy Natalie Sines
Jayson Mcnett David Poole
Eric Decares Chris Delpreore
Mike Stuchiner Pete Arrogo
Mike Roush Dave Schwab
Auggie Danny Diemert
Andrei Oudovikine Maksim Kateshkov
Raisa Albendova Mikhail Weber
Elena Oudovikine Serhii Zakharchuk
Artem Stepanenko Sergey Rybin <
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2 thoughts to “Lexen Xtreme Pro/Elite Coalition Meet Roster

  • ryan

    Looking forward to seeing corey akers on the pro day.

    Pete arroyo switched gyms to zenzen barbell and has really seen his total go up.

    Good luck to all lifters.

  • garrett

    any possible way of listing weight classes for each lifter?

    some of the foreign names are unfamiliar to a lot of us.


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