Lexen Xtreme is one of the premiere powerlifting gyms in Ohio. Founded in Grove City in 1994 by Dan Dague, Lexen is home to some of the country's top lifters. Offering a structured training program for athletes of all ages, Lexen's primary focus, however, is on the sport of powerlifting. Lexen takes athletes and makes them Xtreme Athletes using the latest strength training methods.

Invite only. Opened 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Located at 3679 Garden Ct Grove City, Ohio.


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Elite Level Lifters
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World Record Holders

Upcoming Meets

Do you want to compete in one of our XPC competitions? Whether you're a seasoned pro or it's your first time, Lexen Xtreme meets are welcoming to all skill levels. Click the button below and sign up online today!

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We are always looking for dedicated lifters of all experience levels to be a part of our powerlifting teams. Contact us for more information. LexenExtreme also has personal training options for men & women of all ages in order to help you meet your fitness goals:
The Aging Male Program
Designed for males over the age of 40.
Youth Programs (12 years and older)
Designed to improve performance in school sports or just get them active.
The Super Youth Program (11 years and younger)
No heavy weight training. Designed to get kids involved in a healthy lifestyle early.
Pounds of Weights

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3679 Garden Ct Grove City, OH
Customer Support
E-mail: lexenxtreme@aol.com Phone: (614) 554-8824